Cloud Phone System

Walk into the world of effortless corporate communication with the best Cloud Phone System for small and big businesses in India at Xtreme Marketer!

Optimize Client Communication with Cloud Phone System

Is your business still using the age-old complex telephone system for communicating with clients? It’s time for big and small businesses in India to switch to Xtreme Marketer’s best Cloud Phone system that can be accessed through a web portal.


To start using the services, all you need is a phone, an internet connection and a computer. Expanding or scaling your business is a quick process in the cloud without the need for any heavy investment. It provides an effortless channel to collaborate with the customer.

With India’s best Cloud Phone System for small businesses, you not only get a professional business number but a full-fledged cloud telephony suite to help you design your business call center more productively. Auto-receptionist, text-to-speech, automated call distribution, call management solutions are among few of the offered cloud telephony solutions.

Using call forwarding, recording, analytics and other call management features, you can control all your business communication processes from a single portal. Integrate cloud phone systems with CRM and other third-party applications to tailor your services and improve your business processes.

Explore our Amazing Features!

We guarantee your business will never experience a downtime with our amazing services!


Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) improves customer engagement while taking off the human load.

Agent Scheduling

Schedule the call routing over IVR to agents based on their roster availability for days and shift timings.

Call Recording

Record the customer conversations for quality control, live monitoring, and performance review.

Call Forwarding

Forward every business call to connect with the available destination to make use of every opportunity.

Number Choices

Pick the number of your choice from the large pool of virtual numbers offered by Servetel.

Call Routing

Call routing feature lets the caller reach the right department - quickly & easily.

Empowering Businesses With Power-Packed Features

Organisations can plan to relocate or expand their business without having to worry about changing their business phone number for every new location. This increases your brand’s visibility throughout the country. And with cloud-based toll-free services, the process of scaling your communication channels becomes quick and smooth.

Toll-free services yield high return-on-investment especially for small and medium-sized businesses as it eliminates the need for investing in hardware and provides many add-ons features to accelerate business efficiency.

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