Top 5 Reasons For Making Short Ads in India

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Xtreme Marketer

If you’re wondering the reason behind why your business is not growing as rapidly as it should you’re probably lacking on the marketing and advertising front. Especially video advertising. Video advertising is nothing new but in the fast-paced world today when people would rather watch a 2-minute video on any product than read about it for 10 to 15 minutes, it certainly is gaining the popularity it deserves. 

In fact, statistically speaking about 92 percent of B2B prospectus consume online video and an average of 4 billion videos are watched on Youtube on a daily basis. So why should you not market and advertise your product through video advertising? In fact, if you are planning to expand your business, video advertising is almost a necessity. 

Now let us discuss the top 5 reasons for making short ad films in India:

1. Videos directly influence sales conversion rates:

Statistics have shown that a compelling short-ad film video can increase sales conversion percentage by almost 80 percent. In fact, the best short-ad film creation company in India believes that video advertising is a highly engaging and useful marketing tool. A compelling short ad film can easily influence buying behavior and result in lead generation. These leads might in turn be converted into prospectus customers. Therefore, we believe that video advertising is the best marketing strategy!

2. Mobile users share a lot of videos:

It’s nothing new, interesting content on any site or social media platform is rapidly shared and viewed by thousands of people today. Many people share unique and interesting short ad videos on their social media handles. In fact, stats record an average of 700 videos shared by Twitter users daily. Also, video ads are extremely popular among mobile users.

If you entrust your short-ad films to the top video creation company in India, we create highly innovative and engaging short video ads spamming for about 30 to 45 seconds and catch the attention of your target audience.

3. Video ads can also be good for conveying information:

Video ads feature real-life action and demonstration that appeals to multiple senses, therefore they can very easily serve educational and informational purposes as well. The best video advertising company in India believes that a good short-ad film serves both the purpose of education as well as marketing your product in the right way. That is exactly the kind of short-ads that we are committed to producing.

4. Video ads build trust and credibility:

Video advertising is the perfect way to build a unique personality for your brand as it enables you to connect with your audience and earn their trust. Xtreme marketer is a video advertising agency that creates excellent quality video ads to help you build a trustworthy and reliable relationship with the viewers. In fact, survey reports in 2020 revealed that products that had short ad videos on were 60 percent more likely to be bought than those which did not have one.

5. Search engine algorithms prefer video ads:

With the insane amount of shares, likes, and views that video advertisements receive, it is no wonder that they are prioritized by search engines. If your social media handles, blogs, and websites have short-ads embedded in them then their ranking in search engines when looking for relevant content grows exponentially. Simply speaking, customers are more likely to discover your products or brand while they search for related keywords or information. 

Why Xtreme marketer is the best video advertising company in India?

We realize the importance of video advertising and short ad films as a marketing strategy. Therefore, we do everything to live up to our name as the best short-ad video creation company in India. Our creative process to develop the best ad films for your company consist of a series of comprehensive steps that help us produce the best outcomes, from concept visualization, to location and actors, special focus on post-production processes like video editing, and audio-visual effects, we leave no stone unturned. 


Video advertising is one of the most widely used and developing marketing strategies in India. The benefits talked about in the above blog are some salient reasons why you should get on board with video advertising and short ads for your company. Follow us on various platforms for more content like this!


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