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Animated video marketing is the next big thing in the field of business and with Xtreme Marketer you can leave behind all your hassles and worries. Our expert team has it all sorted for you!

Innovative Idea Execution

Create engaging and innovative videos for your brand with the best 2 D Animation Company that is sure to increase your mass appeal!

Youtube Channel Management Agency in India

Project Discussion

Delivering exactly what the client has in his mind is what we are committed to do. Our team of experts begin with a detailed project discussion and brainstorm ideas with the client and other professionals.


Script Creation

A perfect animated video follows a perfect script, hence we develop a thoughtful and innovative script for the 2D animation video. The production process follows the script.

Youtube Channel Management Agency in India
Youtube Channel Management Agency in India

Story Boarding

Storyboarding is a very important step in the creation of Animated Videos and Xtreme Marketer has the perfect creative process to deliver the best to you, we are the best Animated video maker in India for a reason.


Voice Over and Music Selection

Finally after scripting and story-boarding, we move onto adding a voice-over and selecting an accommodating and suitable background music over the animation video. Our choice of voice-overs and music is carried out by a talented team of experts.

Youtube Channel Management Agency in India
Youtube Channel Management Agency in India

Animation Process begins

Finally after all elementary steps are executed, the animation process begins and we develop a perfectly balanced blend of simplistic and grandiose in the 2D animated videos we deliver.


Client Changes

We reach out continuously to our clients throughout the 2D animated video creation and value your suggestions and feedback. Once the draft is ready, we share it with the client for any changes, if required.

Youtube Channel Management Agency in India
Youtube Channel Management Agency in India

Animation Final Reviews

In any creative process, reviewing is a step as important as creating content. We finally review the finalized 2D animated video before putting it out on your website or Youtube channel, to ensure it is the right fit every way.


Project Delivery

Expect product delivery from us after a well-executed and detailed process to develop the best 2D animated video for you. As our last step, we finally deliver the completed product. We assure timeliness and price worthiness of our product.

Youtube Channel Management Agency in India

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2D video creation company
2D video creation company