What is Post-Production and Why Do We Use It?

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Post-production, we all have heard this term quite a lot, haven’t we? So what exactly is it and why is it such an important process? Whether it comes to simple videos or a big-budget film, post-production processes are one of the most important components in each of them. Let us find out what exactly it is and why is it considered such an essential element of all production activities. 

What is Post-Production?

Post-production is a highly elaborate and multi-faceted process and it varies as per the scale and needs of the project. From simple Youtube videos, Short-ad films, Documentaries, Animation films, and Proper cinematic films, these processes are used in all such activities. 

Let us take a look at the simple definition of Post-Production processes:

“Post-Production includes all processes which are carried out after compiling the raw footage for any film or animated film. It includes all processes like video editing, sound correction, color correction, and adding other sound and visual effects to the footage or video.” This is what actually leads to the movie or animation film coming together in a cohesive manner. 

Let us explore the 5 important steps of Post-Production used by the best production studios in India.

1. Editing the content:

What makes us the best video editing company in India is the way we carry out the post-production process right from the starting. The first step is editing the raw footage or storyboards in case of 2D or 3D animation videos. Our team puts all the shots and footage together, cuts the unneeded part, and makes it into a cohesive story.

2. Sound editing:

Next comes adding sound and background music. The best post-production company in India, Xtreme marketer is very particular with adding the best voice-overs in the case of animated videos and the background music is also chosen with care and suits the content very well.

3. Adding Visual effects:

Next comes adding digitally generated visual effects wherever required. This gives life to scenes that might require special effects like lightning or explosions etc.,

4. Sound correction:

Besides sound effects, there s also a need to perfect the already existing sound quality and loudness in existing dialogues, or voice-overs. The production crew makes sure that all the things can be clearly heard even with the background music.

5. Color grading:

As the last stage, the top production company in India goes into intensive detail and also ensures that the colors and gradients used in the films and animated videos are visually appealing and suit the mood of the film.

Now that we went through the 5 stages of post-production, we need to think about why is post-production such an essential process? Let us quickly go over the top salient reasons why we think post-production is such an important step in any production project.

1. It essentially gives meaning to your production:

Raw unedited footage without proper visual or sound effects is very bland and not at all pleasing to the viewers. Post-production processes like editing, audio, and visual effects, and the color gradient is what makes any animation or live-action film come alive. Out production crew believes in paying very close attention to the post-production process, that is why we are the best-animated video maker in India.

2. The perfect sound and audio effects:

Sound effects and background music at the right moments are very essential, whether it is Youtube videos, Short-ad films, or animation videos and films. The various sound effects at the right places are added by our team along with well-developed and thought-out background music.

3. CGI and special effects:

Computer-generated special sound and visual effects form an important part of producing any film or video. Adding these effects is an important part of the post-production process. Without it, the animation or film will feel very dull and boring,

4. Managing the gradient and color palette:

A film needs to look very pleasing and visually appealing to the eye. That is why our experts at Xtreme marketer also engage in editing and improving the colors and gradient of the film to make it suitable and of very good quality.


Post-production processes have formed an instrumental part of all movie and film production for a long time. But now it is getting more important than ever to pay even more attention to the post-production processes than ever because it is what drives the overall quality and appeal of the film. We at Xtreme marketer are committed to providing our clients the best post-production services and stand by our name as the Top video creation company in India.


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