How to Create a Youtube Channel and Make Money From It

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How to Create a Youtube Channel and Make Money From It:

 Everyone reading this blog today has probably heard of Youtube as a money-making platform and one of the biggest contributors to the digital marketing industry. It might seem a complicated and daunting task to create a successful Youtube channel, less make money from it. But you don’t need to worry at all, you have come to the right place.

Xtreme marketer is the best web development company in India. We provide a variety of digital solutions, ranging from Youtube channel creation and management, 2D and 3D animation video creation, short-ad films and product tutorials, and many other spectacular services that help your company bloom and become successful in the Online world.

Why should you create a Youtube Channel to promote your brand?

Youtube is the second most visited website on a daily basis, only falling behind Google, its parent company. What does this entail? This tells you that you have a great amount of reach and exposure to a very large share of the online traffic when you use Youtube as a platform to promote your brand and earn money. So without stalling any further let us quickly go through steps that will explain how you can create your Youtube channel and earn money from it.

For all the beginners out there let us learn in simple steps how to create a Youtube Channel, with the top Youtube video creation company in India.

1. Create a Google account:

To begin and create a Youtube channel, you need to have a Google account first. Creating a google account is a very simple process. You simply click on any of the Google apps- like Gmail, Google duo, Google drive and sign up by filling in your information and creating a suitable email and password for your account. 

2. Create a Youtube channel:

A personal Youtube account is already set up after you create a google account but if you intend to create a business account and earn some kind of money from your channel, you need to create a brand account. 

  • Just go on the Youtube page or app, click on the icon that symbolizes your google account in the upper right corner
  • Click on Create a channel and enter a name for your brand and you are good to go.

A business account also gives you access to Youtube Analytics which provides you helpful insights into how many people are watching your videos and what kind of content is the most popular.

3. Customise your channel:

Now that you have created your channel, you need to give your own personal touch to your channel. You need to set up a Layout, Basic information, and Branding that will help the audience discover your account and content. At Xtreme marketer, we keep in mind and make a highly optimized and well-developed youtube channel for your brand. This is what makes us the best Youtube video editing company in India.

Under branding, you have to upload an icon for your channel and any artwork or design to give a unique and fresh look to your channel. 

So you learned with the best video editing company in India, the steps to set up a Youtube Channel. Now all that is left is to upload your videos that will be the main factor in attracting an audience. 

Now let us go through some tips to make your Youtube channel successful and help you earn money from It:

1. Make your channel discoverable:

To get views and subscribers you need to optimize your channel so that it is discoverable by the audience online, for this:

  • Optimize video titles according to Google-friendly keywords, this influences your video’s ranking on search engines.
  • Optimize your Youtube video description. It should be concise and descriptive and also include keywords. You can also add timestamps to help your viewers find what they are looking for. 
  • Add tags to make your content discoverable according to the Youtube algorithm

2. Make your content unique:

Youtube is all about what content clicks and resonates with the audience. You need to make sure that your youtube videos are exactly what the audience is looking for and what is trendy these days. Xtreme marketer is the best video editing company in India and we make sure that your channel and content has a lot of potentials to grow and develop.

3. Create Sponsored content:

Youtube videos are really big on sponsorship, you can get sponsorships from various companies and promote their brand and products in your Youtube videos. This is a highly successful and popularly used strategy to earn money through Youtube fast as beginners. Once you start with creating sponsored content, you will open your brand and channel to receiving better and more sponsorships in the future.

4. Run paid advertisements:

All of us have watched various ads on youtube videos. The best thing is that you can also engage in paid advertising through Google ads and help our Youtube videos be featured as ads in other videos on Youtube. This is a really nice way to promote and grow your Youtube channel and attract a lot of customers. The top Youtube video editing company in India also helps you take care of advertising and promoting your Youtube channel.

5. Interact with viewers and upload content consistently:

More than anything, what is most important for a Youtube channel is the audience. You need to appeal to them with your content. You should seek suggestions on topics for new videos, create polls, have Q&A sessions and interactions to engage with the Online community. You also need to be consistent and regular with uploading your content if you are looking for a loyal and consistently growing audience base.


Youtube is a highly influential platform and when you create and promote your channel the right way, it can do wonders for your business or brand to grow digitally and develop a huge fanbase. With Xtreme marketer, we provide you the entire package of managing and handling your Youtube channel and even the content for your company.

The quality of products that we offer is undoubtedly what makes us the best Advertising video production company in India. So entrust us with your youtube channel and see it become successful. 


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